SPIRAM screw impeller pumps are the original product of SPIRAM s.r.o. They are developed and produced in Slovakia, and they are the definition of the modern standard of pumping, with low and medium pressure and high flow rates. The pumps are designed for pumping hard pumpable media with a high solids content and meet the most demanding requirements of ecological operation.

With its technical parameters

SPIRAM ranks among the world leaders

in the field of centrifugal pumps.

SPIRAM pumps are centrifugal pumps equipped with single-blade, screw-shaped impellers. This feature guarantees the pumping of media with minimum likelihood of clogging and maximal prevention of entanglement of fibrous matters, while maintaining high efficiency. As a result, the operating costs for pumping units are considerably reduced. Thanks to these benefits, SPIRAM pumps are suitable for handling hard-to-pump fluids with a high content of solids.





Versatile volute

The volute casing is optimized both hydraulically and structurally to be as versatile as possible. In terms of hydraulics, we can adapt several different impellers for one volute casing, which can cover a huge range of flow rates and heads at different rotational speeds. In terms of construction, the volute is designed so that it can be used in different horizontal and vertical installations, which means that one and the same piece of volute can be incorporated into either the standard horizontal version with the bearing housing or into the vertical version with the submersible electric motor.

Adjustable front plate

For pumps equipped with semi-open impellers, it is very important that the clearance between the front plate and the impeller is as narrow as possible in order to maintain the design efficiency. In the case of pumps for hard pumpable media, the clearance increases over time due to the action of the abrasive particles. Such clearance can be corrected to the optimum value using the SPIRAM pump adjustment mechanism, thus keeping the pump highly effective. It is also important to note the efficiency of the pump is directly linked to electricity savings and to environmental impact.

Discharge groove

A very common problem of pumps for hard pumpable media is the settling of impurities in the sealing space, which results in premature wear and tear or failure of the mechanical seal. SPIRAM pumps have a special feature - a discharge groove on the rear plate and a discharge groove on the conical surface before the seal chamber, and which are continuously connected. This maximizes the effect of “discharging” small debris from the sealing space back into the process stream. This method of protecting the seal is also present in the case of pumping fibrous fluids. Moreover, there is also such a groove on the front plate, where it prevents the fibrous matter from getting entangled around the impeller.

Variable sealing space

The sealing space of the SPIRAM pumps is designed so that different types of mechanical seals from different manufacturers can be installed. This means the use of various designs, ranking from standard single mechanical seals to double cartridge seals, with active cooling or heating of the sealing chamber. SPIRAM pumps also offer special sealing methods, such as polymer-based packing that is used for heavy duty applications requiring absolute maintenance-free systems.

Unique impeller 

The most important component of the SPIRAM pump is the impeller itself, which looks like a screw. This unique shape makes it possible to transport media containing large solid particles while maintaining the high efficiency of the pump unit. An indisputable advantage of this type of impeller and hence the entire hydraulic system is the combination of the remarkably wide solids passage and the high hydraulic efficiency in the field of sludge pumps. In the case of individual requirements, it is possible to design the impeller and thus the entire pump with specific parameters, thereby obtaining optimum performance characteristics for application concerned.

Heavy-duty version

SPIRAM pumps are available in different versions. These include the proven “heavy” version of the pump, horizontally arranged on the base frame with a separate bearing housing and a separate foot motor. This version shows extreme durability, even during the most demanding applications and with a very long service life as well. Other great advantages include low maintenance and operation demands for this pump version.


Environmentally friendly operation

Low power-demanding operation, high reliability and resistance to mechanical or chemical damage mean low susceptibility to the occurrence of emergency situations, which could potentially lead to contamination of the environment by transported fluid. All of this significantly reduces the operating costs of SPIRAM pumps.


Passage of a wide range of solids

SPIRAM addresses current challenges linked, for example, to the sewage wastewater treatment processes. Nowadays, that particularly involves new types of products and materials. These contain components that are non-degradable in water (dipers, wet tissues, etc.), which cause significant problems if conventional pumps are used by, for example, clogging pumps in pumping stations. SPIRAM pumps with screw impellers are a solution to this problem.


Smooth and effective running

SPIRAM proposes a solution consisting of the trouble-free operation of our pumps with the passage of a wide range of solids, which has an essential effect on the smooth and continuous operation of the plant facilities. Accordingly, the pumps‘ maintenance and repair costs are reduced and the servicing intervals are longer as well.

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