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SPIRAM pumps belong to the centrifugal pump group and, by their nature, are not capable of self-priming the medium from a depth. In cases where there is no inflow in the proposed pumping system and a check valve is not used in the suction line, SPIRAM pumps require priming.

This is particularly relevant for mobile pumping units. The SPIRAM APS (Automatic Priming System) was designed to ensure seamless pump startup without the need for manual priming.

The priming system operates on an electromechanical principle, incorporating a priming tank equipped with water presence sensors. The vacuum pump is responsible for evacuating the air and thus suctioning the water into the suction line and the pump chamber.
During this stage, the pump chamber is sealed by a check valve located downstream of the pump's discharge flange. The pump control panel includes logic that, upon detecting the presence of water, shuts off the vacuum pump and starts the pump.
The automatic priming system was designed with a focus on reliability and safe operation of pumping processes, emphasizing trouble-free operation.

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