SPIRAM‘s eco-friendly pumps with screw impellers are the result of research, development, and years of expertise by leading experts in the field of pumping, with a continuous focus on innovation in the pumping industry. Their undeniable advantage lies in the combination of high levels of free passage, great hydraulic efficiency - low energy consumtion, high durability. Compared to other products available on the market, we achieve unparalleled performance not only in terms of operating costs.

We manufacture them in various design variants depending on installation conditions and industry requirements. SPIRAM pumps are tailored to the specific parameters needed, ensuring optimal solutions for each application.

We also harness the benefits of the latest technologies in the pumping industry, such as the SPIRAM AFD adjustable front disc, the SPIRO-GROOVE flow groove, the SPIRO-GUARD with variable seal chamber options, the SPIRO-CUT special cutting device, the SPIRO-GYRA pre-rotation system, and the advanced SMART PUMPING CONCEPT for automated pump parameter monitoring and predictive diagnostics with solution for standard contruction pumps but also submersible (with changing rotation at the pump).

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