SPIRAM Services

SPIRAM offers various premium services to our business partners.

We manufacture customized pumps mainly with screw impeller according to specific application parameters, and we can provide continuous monitoring of the technical condition of rotating machinery with wireless transmission capabilities with predictive diagnostics (PumpDetect Sensors). For submersible pumps we offer self developed rele for monitoring conditions of the pump in time also with changing rotation for lowering the possibility of clogging to minimum.

We also implement a comprehensive system of monitoring devices to create a pump database, enabling full-fledged predictive diagnostics through early fault detection and efficient planning of service activities, maintenance, and repairs (SmartPumpingConcept system).

Top-notch and professional 24/7 service is a standard offering.

In collaboration with our parent company, PRAKTIKPUMP, we have introducedSpiram Rental service, catering to the need for renting various pumping equipment designed for professional use.



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