SPC by SPIRAM represents a complete streamlining of maintenance and service processes for equipment and technologies.

In practice, this means having precise information about a pump's technical details, parameters, and recommended operation. The software provides a complete history of repairs and interventions. Routine maintenance tasks that prevent pump failures are automatically reported. In the case of necessary service interventions with dismantling, the software provides precise information about the pump's location, the stage of repair, expected reinstallation time, and the cost of repairs.

All processes are visible in real-time, benefiting employees at all levels. In summary, it offers continuous service visibility, simplifies processes, reduces repair timelines, and decreases the number of repairs.


Significant reduction in operating costs is a guaranteed outcome when implementing SPC software by SPIRAM.

Cost savings result from increased efficiency in service interventions and improved transparency of direct maintenance costs. By utilizing mobile technologies, planning is accelerated, downtime is reduced, errors in job performance and documentation are minimized, and overall technical workforce management becomes more effective. With the current rising costs of maintenance and operations, this software can accurately identify areas for savings. Additionally, the software serves as an excellent management tool for making informed decisions and justifying justified costs related to activities or new company projects.


The use of SPC software by SPIRAM significantly enhances the reliability and safety of equipment and technology operations for water utility companies.

On one hand, it helps prevent failures and, in the case of predictive diagnostics, essentially eliminates the possibility of technology downtime. On the other hand, if a service intervention is necessary, it is executed in the shortest possible time. As a result, leaks and disruptions in the supply of drinking water and wastewater management are reduced.


The utilization of the latest technologies and efficient, intelligent processes are the hallmark of every modern company.

SPC by SPIRAM is a tool that embodies this definition. The software serves as a gateway for any further innovative tools in the industry. It enables the application of sensors that allow equipment to report their technical status in real-time without the need for physical inspection or dismantling. The result is the highest degree of automation and efficiency in equipment maintenance, specifically predictive diagnostics.

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