The only environmentally friendly solution for diagnosing rotating machinery in the world


PumpDetect offers continuous monitoring of the technical condition of rotating machinery and wireless transmission.
Monitor the condition of any rotating machine such as pumps, motors, fans, and more.

  • most monitored parameters
  • the most environmentally friendly monitor in the world
  • in line with IoT and INDUSTRY 4.0

Unique technical solution from data collection to evaluation.


Advanced diagnostics



PumpDetect is the only rotating machinery diagnostic system in the world that does not rely on disposable batteries for power. The energy required for device operation and wireless data transmission is obtained directly from the pump using special non-invasive devices. This unique technical solution has no competition in the global market. It serves as an ecological alternative to millions of batteries in sensors that burden the environment.

The potential for these devices placed in Slovakia is over 10,000 units. This means that the PumpDetect system alone can save more than 10,000 lithium batteries every two years in Slovakia.

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